A little vulnerability can go a long way


12,588 people reached

These stats might be all in a day’s work for full-time social media stars, but as many small business owners know, organic reach on Facebook is hard-won.

Let me tell you the story.

Hailing from NSW’s Hunter Valley, Candice and Guy launched an exciting new venture in Clare, South Australia about 18 months ago. Calling it Seed Winehouse + Kitchen, the restaurant and bar housed in a beautifully-renovated chaff mill was like a breath of fresh air to Clare locals and tourists alike.

A renowned wine-growing region, the Clare Valley is on the threshold of becoming a foodie destination, so when a vibrant and talented couple took the plunge and put down roots here, people got behind them. Yet running a business is never smooth sailing and quality ‘hospo’ staff are hard to come by in a regional area.

And that’s where this Facebook post comes into the picture:

We don’t want to sound desperate, but we do need your help.
The bottom line is we need more staff! Three new people to help our dedicated and professional team continue delivering an exceptional dining experience in the Clare Valley.
We’re looking for an apprentice and a qualified chef, as well as an experienced waiter. People that want to soak up all the goodness that the Clare Valley has to offer.
So please share away. Share far and wide! Thanks everyone

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The moral of the story? A little vulnerability can go a long way, especially if you have a strong fan base and solid brand, like Candice and Guy do. The bottom line is that most humans like to help. Let’s face it, it feels good. If you’re brave enough to put it out there, most people will relate to your vulnerability and respond in kind.

So don’t be scared to ask for help, advice or even pose a problem. Perhaps admit that you’re not sure about something or that you’ve been considering an idea, but would like some feedback. Social media gives us unprecedented access to our customers’ opinions and potentially a wealth of information.

For Candice and Guy, this post meant a lot more than through-the-roof Facebook stats. It lifted their spirits when they needed it and you can’t put a figure on that.

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